Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Missing New Orleans - It has been two months since I was last in this city, and it will be two more months until I will return. As I worked on this particular canvas, the still gray days of March in northern Illinois faded away, and I was transported to Louisiana where the breezes are soft and warm.
In this painting, "Big Easy Sunset," I've tried to capture that golden light which floods the French Quarter at the end of the day. The old stucco buildings are illuminated by the streetlamps and the last rays of sunlight. It must be the tiny droplets of water in the humid air which create this unique glowing atmosphere.
This painting will soon be on display at the Kako Gallery on Royal Street in the French Quarter.
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  1. Diane, I was "doing research" on the computer this morning. I decided to surf some blogs containing some of the same keywords as in my blog. I typed in New Orleans and up you came.

    I am fascinated by the city and love to come across others that feel the same way, especially when they live far away from the city.

    I also am an artist. Lately I have been doing a series of small quilts based on New Orleans. Not only do I love to come across others that love the city,I love to come across other artists that love New Orleans.

    I love the vibrant colors of your artwork. I'm looking forward to visiting your website.


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