Saturday, April 4, 2009

Streetcar in New Orleans - Original Oil Painting

One of the most amazing areas in New Orleans is St. Charles Avenue in the Garden District.
Right in the heart of New Orleans is this beautiful street where hundreds of huge Live Oaks create a shady archway over the old streetcar track. Old mansions line the street, and it is like being transported back to a time when the noisiest thing you could hear was the sound of the streetcars as they went clattering down the track. And the those same old streetcars are still here on St. Charles Avenue. They were built to last, just like those old mansions. They are still carrying tourists, students, and people going to work. Even Hurricane Katrina could not keep them down for long!

(This painting was commissioned by HCA Delta Division offices on Canal Street.)

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  1. A beautiful picture of one of my favorite parts of town and the streetcar I've ridden so many times. I would love a print (hint, hint)!


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