Monday, July 27, 2009

Painting of New Orleans - "St. Peter Street Jive"

I just finished this oil painting last week. It will be going to New Orleans fan who lives in California. I've found out that there are many people just like me who feel like they are in exile when they are away from New Orleans, even if it is not their home town.

For people who love art, music, architecture, and good food, Nawlins is a natural "center." It's a place that beckons to us and draws us back when we start to forget the sight of those lovely old buildings in the Quarter or the sounds of of a great jazz trio on Frenchmen Street.

St. Peter Street is probably one of my favorites. The jumble of buildings, all strikingly different and all leaning just a little, helps to create that unique Big Easy atmosphere. The Big Easy is that place we miss where the past and the present and the sights and sounds all melt into one big delicious gumbo.

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  1. You have given me the desire to visit New Orleans. Your colors speak to the energy that I imagine that city has with all the character and music. Awesome work.

  2. Zappha, I know you would love it!! It's still real, not sanitized like some kind theme park!


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