Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bourbon Street Rock

Having just returned from another trip to New Orleans, my first painting was yet another version of one of my favorite buildings on Bourbon street, The Old Opera House. We spent quite a few hours there with friends dancing to the infectious beat of a great Cajun band, the Bonoffs.

Aside from the great music, this great old building, a Creole Cottage example of architecture, is just amazing! After 200 plus years, it seems as solid as the day it was built. It is drenched in atmosphere, as if all the old beams, bricks and plaster hold all the memories and events of the old New Orleans. I have found that I am not alone in having the experience of being almost overwhelmed by this mysterious sense of history. Many of my customers say they also feel an unexplainable emotional reaction to the buildings in the French Quarter.

This painting is currently for sale on my website:
To see more of my paintings in New Orleans, visit Kako Gallery on Royal Street:

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