Monday, November 23, 2009

Early Morning on Ursulines Street

I just finished this painting of one of the most unique buildings in the French Quarter. It's not a particularly large building, but it has the largest 2nd story dormers I have ever seen in the Quarter! (A lot of you will recognize this place.)

It's really a testament to how solidly these old stucco structures were built, because, year after year (century after century) the weight of these twin dormers have not caused the roof to sag.

And, how they must have enhanced daily living in the 2nd floor apartment! With those large arched shutters open wide, light could stream in, not to mention the wonderful cross ventilation. The builders of these New Orleans homes and shops thought of every thing.

It's fun for me to imagine how beautiful it would be to live in this apartment, with the with early morning rays of sunlight dancing across the floor, and the sounds of a city waking up drifting in on the breeze.

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