Friday, October 22, 2010

New Orleans' Oyster Bars - After Oil in the Gulf

Felix's, the well known oyster bar in the French Quarter, serves its guests like nothing has happened. With true New Orleans grit, the waitresses and oyster shuckers put on a welcoming smile; even though they may be worried about the future of the Gulf seafood industry and the stability of their jobs.

This brave attitude against adversity has always been New Orleans strength throughout a history of fires, hurricanes, and epidemics. But, it may unfortunately hide real problems which we visitors need to be mindful of. Those of us who love New Orleans and go there often want this remarkable city to thrive and prosper.

On our last visit, my husband and I ate oysters and shrimp, but we were told they were not from the Louisiana fishing beds. The media has given us the impression that all is well now, but apparently, the local fishermen are still struggling. We need to remember this and follow their stories, even if the national media has dropped the ball. We need to be vigilant caretakers of our environment, not only in Louisiana, but in our own neighborhoods as well.
"Felix's Oyster Bar" - painted for a couple who remember it fondly as the the the place where they became engaged.
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