Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Cafe Du Monde

This year New Orleans' famous coffee stand, Cafe Du Monde, will feature my painting on their 2011 Catalog. This was very exciting for me, since I love this place! It's just another example of how New Orleans takes a basic idea and does it to perfection.

The Cafe, located next to the French Quarter's Jackson is a constant. The coffee, freshly brewed is always on, and the beignets are always hot and smothered in powdered sugar. They are always open. They offered exhausted French Quarter residents and tireless reporters a brief respite from the nightmare of Katrina.

Today, New Orleans is coming back, better than ever; and there is no better place to sit and soak up the atmosphere of a sunny (or rainy) day in the beautiful French Quarter. Watch the crowds, hear the music, smell the seafood, and sip that coffee!

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