Saturday, May 21, 2011

Panoramic View - Jackson Square

When I was asked to paint a series of paintings depicting Jackson Square, I jumped at the chance! This was an opportunity to create an overall impression of one of my favorite places in New Orleans.
Jackson Square is a living, breathing snapshot of New Orleans' 400 year old history. The buildings which enclose the square on three sides were built in different centuries. They encompass a variety of architectural styles, yet they blend together in perfect harmony. The effect is both monumental and, at the same time, friendly and familiar - like a grandmother's attic filled with valuable antiques and family mementos.
There is no better place to be on an early evening than Jackson Square, drinking coffee with friends at the Cafe Du Monde, strolling through the grounds behind the beautiful iron gates; or simply sitting on a bench feeling the breeze off the river, listening to a family's laughter or the far away tones of a mellow saxophone.
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  1. I love this piece! I bought it for the restaurant...I can't wait...


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