Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bourbon Street Dazzle Art by Diane Millsap

One can't deny the energy, light and sound of Bourbon Street!  It is just one of the many faces of New Orleans.  It's where you go on your very first trip to the Big Easy, to experience the enthusiasm and joy of living for which New Orleans is renowned.

Bourbon Street is a street of contrasts.  Centuries old buildings with iron balconies and brightly painted shutters glow in a jumble of bright neon signs.  Open old wooden doors emit the sounds of not only Jazz, but Rock, Funk and R&B music. 

Bourbon Street is where you want to be when you when you want to celebrate the exuberance of life.  There is laughter, camaraderie, and just a hint of real danger lurking around the edges in the shadows, so be a little bit wary; it's  a little bit like the real world distilled and condensed into 12 city blocks.  
This original oil painting was commissioned by Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Arlington Virginia.  It is available as a giclee print from Art.com.
To see more of New Orleans art, visit:  www.neworleans-art.net

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