Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Homes of New Orleans

An expression of joy, a statement of individuality, these are the homes of New Orleans, which can be found in all the old neighborhoods. 

The humble 19th Century shotgun house, long and narrow, will often soar to spectacular design heights.  Some of these frame dwellings will run the gamut with elaborate Victorian mill work, stained glass windows, or 2nd story additions.  Usually, they will all be painted in a wide range of colors.  And, in the glorious New Orleans light, a street full of color is a beautiful sight to see.    

The early 20th Century bungalow style of home is not to be out-done!  They boast massive square or round porch columns.  (Columns are not just for mansions, you know.)  And, often their foundations are raised, some raised a whole story, with elaborate steps and ground floor entrances.  Bright Caribbean colors are often the choice, and stained glass windows can also be found.

The homes in neighborhoods like Bywater, Marigny and Treme reflect the personality of New Orleans, colorful, proud, and individualistic. 

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