Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Orleans Courtyard

There is nothing like your first glimpse into a courtyard in the French Quarter.  It is quiet, secluded, and mysterious.  The street sounds disappear, and you are transported back into a time before the Civil War.  A time when the French Quarter, or Vieux Carre', was the center of New Orleans .... no tall hotels, concrete highways, or Superdome.  It was a time when prosperous Creole families (those families whose ancestors were the original settlers) lived in the rows of elegant townhouses which are preserved to this day.  Hidden from the street and behind these townhouses, were the courtyards which were much different then.  These were the places where tall cisterns caught the rain water, chickens were raised and butchered, soap was made, and laundry was washed and hung up to dry.  Today they are filled with fountains, beautiful flowers, and tropical plants; but if you are quiet and listen, you can almost hear those ghosts of the past.  SOLD
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