Monday, February 18, 2013

Endymion Float - Mardi Gras Painting

     A couple of weeks ago my husband and I experienced Mardi Gras family style, in the New Orleans' neighborhood of Uptown.  This was not the raucous reveling on Bourbon Street, this was the tree-line residential streets lined with mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles, all there to enjoy the beautiful floats, the jazzy marching bands and to take part in tradition.
     I must admit that I am not usually a fan of parades, but the floats were absolutely breathtaking!  They were illumined against a twilight sky by hundreds of lights and by kerosene torch bearers called the "flambeaux," a custom that goes back to the very beginnings of Mardi Gras.  Everyone in the crowd was there to see a child in a band or a relative on a float, and to catch trinkets and beads which flew through the air.....all very small town in feeling, all very friendly.  Total strangers gave me theirs fanciest beads because I was not very good at catching them myself. 
     It doesn't matter that many of the stories behind all the complicated and somewhat baffling traditions may have been forgotten, what matters is that this is a time when everyone joins together in a spirit of community.
     This painting, "Endymion," was commissioned last year by Scott Colomb, a member of the (Krewe of Endymion) who taught me more about about the culture of New Orleans.
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  1. I love this painting Diane. My husband rides for Endymion and we are looking for a great painting to put in our house that shows the beauty of Endymion. Is this one for sale on your website?


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