Monday, February 27, 2012

The Blue Nile - New Orleans

To spend time at the "Blue Nile" club on Frenchmen Street is to experience real New Orleans music!  Local musicians (who also enjoy worldwide fame) deliver the best in jazz, funk, blues, R&B and more.  In true New Orleans fashion, it is an interactive experience.  The crowd and the band party together in an intimate space which is loaded with atmosphere. 

A friend mentioned that the building was built in 1832, and the inside has the appearance of a 1930's jazz club with masonary arches and a delicate hand-painted border of marine life around the ceiling.   All this is left untouched; but more recently an artist has added a huge expressive mural which covers one whole wall.  It is these layers, built up over time, which make this place so interesting.

I painted this painting last summer after our Spring trip to New Orleans.  It was recently sold at the Kako Gallery in New Orleans, and is currently displayed on the Blue Nile's website.   While it is not a portrait of Sam Williams of "Big Sam's Funky Nation," who often appears at the Blue Nile; he was the inspiration for the trombone player.

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