Friday, June 12, 2015

New Orleans' Jive

One of my favorite streets in the French Quarter is St. Peter Street.  This street is a jumble of all the old and fascinating architectural styles which are unique to New Orleans:  The three story townhouses, the quirky servants’ quarters with their oddly pointed roofs, and the Creole Cottages with their massive old shuttered doors.  There are also plenty of wrought iron balconies, arched carriage ways, and high connecting wooden fences with doors in them, leading where?   All are jammed up against each other.  So much going on, so compressed; and behind this facade, is a labyrinth of connected passageways, beautiful courtyards and huge glass French doors. 
And St. Peter Street jumps with activity, night or day, with every conceivable type of business:  The famed Pat O’Brien’s, the Jazz Preservation Hall, Reverend Zombie’s Voodoo Shop, The Gumbo Shop restaurant, the Krazy Korner music club, a Lucky Dog cart, and on and on…… This street rocks and jives with laughter, lights and music, and is not one to. be missed.
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